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Keep It Fun and Simple in 2017


It is that time of the year again. Time to come up with New Year resolutions – to do things differently in order to achieve a better outcome.
I have decided to adopt a motto of keeping it fun and simple in 2017. It is about having one overarching big goal with a fun and simple way of achieving it.
5 steps to keep it fun and simple in 2017 are:
1) Establish THE big goal. 
Think of one big goal challenging enough that you are passionate about. In my case, it would be to run a full marathon. I see it as the next step after a few successful completion of half marathons the past year.
2) Treat IT like a new hobby
Once you have decided on the big goal, treat it like a new hobby — something that you are very excited about to invest time and effort to get better at. In my situation, I have created a 16 week program schedule of training to be integrated with my daily schedule. That way, I can smoothly adopt the so called ‘program tasks’ within my daily activities.
3) Get a reliable support system
Get yourself a buddy for your new hobby. What really matters is your execution. You will need some inspiration and motivation to sustain yourself in the pursuit of your goal. Get your most trusted friend who shares the same interest with you to be involved in your activities. Of course, the involvement is relative and you have to be clear on the type of involvement that you need. For instance, I specifically request that my ‘buddy’ runs with me every Sunday. Other days I am pretty much running and training on my own. The more valuable contribution is the conversations that you can have with your buddy — reflecting on current progress and things that you can do differently to improve yourself.
4) Celebrate progress continuously 
Reward great execution. It matters.
Whenever you accomplish specific tasks or certain milestones, reward yourself. It is great to feel good. It helps to keep you motivated to continue doing the next steps in the long pursuit of your new hobby.
5) Complete what you start
In simple words – get the job done!
Be accountable. Stay focus, execute your daily tasks/activities as scheduled one step at a time. Continue progressing, sustain your motivation until completion. Don’t stop until you achieve what you want.
Whatever it is, the foundation is based on executing simple daily activities. One at a time.
What’s your motto for the New Year? What would you do differently?

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