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Certified Management Accountant


Salwana and Rahim Associates Sdn Bhd (SRASSA) is an approved Wiley-IMA Certified Management Accountant (CMA) training provider in Malaysia.

The CMA credential is…

Prestigious – Self-selected credential earned through testing.

Professional – IMA’s Salary Survey shows strong career growth and greater earning power.

Rigorous – Testing, education, job   experience, and continuing education     requirements.

Empowering – Promoting your credential allows you to become a leader in your profession.

Competent – Attests proven on-the-job skills.

Why CMA?

Exciting career opportunities.

Your will have exciting career opportunities in the multinational corporations and large conglomerates. Top Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Alcoa, AT&T, Bank of America, Boeing, Cargill, Caterpillar, ConAgra, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Whirlpool, Verizon and Xerox are known to have CMAs in their key management roles.

Feedback from the CFOs.

The CFOs need more than what the educational system currently provides. They need to raise the competency of their teams.

CMA skills are practical.

Majority of accountants end up in non-public accounting. The management accounting skills such as business analytics, planning, budgeting, decision support and analysis capabilities have proven to be more useful and practical for these professionals in their daily work.

Good compensation plan.

According to a comprehensive study by the Institute of Management Accountant (IMA), CMAs earn 63% more than the non-CMAs.

Attractive training offers for the CMA include the following:

Self study CMAexcel Learning System Exam Review

Wiley CMAexcel Exam Review Course: Complete Exam Part 1 & 2 (VitalSource eBook), 23 hours of video (including lesson overviews and deep dive), On-screen study outlines: 500 pages, Lesson proficiency questions: 350 (mostly simple, true/false or multiple-choice), Testbank: 2000 multiple-choice questions, 10 essay questions (only display during mock exams), Exam planner Over 500 digital Flash Cards, 2000 physical Flash Cards, Learning System textbook, Professor mentoring.

You can order the Self Study 2016 Wiley CMAexcel Learning System Exam Review here:-

Please email to request for quotation or to order the Wiley CMAexcel Learning Systems Exam Review Part 1 and/or Part 2


5 Day CMA Intensive Review Course and CMAexcel Learning System Exam Review


Tripartite Collaboration in Bringing the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Professional Certification to Malaysia.





Strategic collaboration with OpenThinking in providing training for accounting, finance, fraud, auditing and risk management


Please email to request for quotation or to order the CMA Review Course Part 1 and/or Part 2