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4 Things to Think Of In Your Pursuit to Provide The Best Customer Experience


customer experience

“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.” – Michael Leboeuf

Obviously, businesses exist because of their customers. They need to keep their customers happy – anytime, every time and all the time. Otherwise, they stand the risk of losing the customers to other competitors that can provide better products and services.

In order to be relevant, businesses must keep on retaining their current customers and winning new customers at the same time. They have to be innovative to continually create something new that would differentiate them from their competitors and appeal to their customers.

In doing so, here are 4 things to think of:

  • How do you engage with your customers?

This is about creating a compelling relationship with your customers – understanding their deep aspirations and delivering on those aspirations.
I remember participating in a Focus Group of a local cosmeceutical company, Style Fusion Sdn Bhd, which manufactures and distributes its flagship product, the RA8 Facial Skin Care and Regenerative Serum. A professional facilitator facilitated a group of 20 people seeking direct feedback on our experience with the RA8 products, our perceptions of the company, the kind of decision tree that we typically go through when planning to purchase cosmetic products and the type of improvement that we would like to see in RA8 offering.

From the customer’s perspective, I applaud such effort as I realize that Style Fusion cares about me. They listened to what I had to say, took the feedback and acted on it. RA8 Pour Homme, a skin care for men was one of the key outcomes of that Focus Group.

  • What type of image and reputation are you representing?

 Among the many fast food chains, Pret a Manger has a long lasting impression on me. I love the sandwiches, the soup, the salad and everything that it represents. The price is very affordable. The food is fresh, healthy and delicious.

Pret a Manger prides itself in freshly prepared good natural food. In meeting such image and reputation, it has to function like a restaurant by having its own kitchen. All of their ingredients get delivered early each morning and there is no expiry date to any one of their sandwiches, salads and baguettes. All unsold food are offered to charity at the end of each day.

Pret a Manger has innovated extensively – from the design of their stores, packaging of their products, selecting their suppliers and communicating their brand effectively – in its pursuit to project the image and reputation of the leading provider of freshly prepared good natural fast food.

  • How do you deliver your products/services to your customers?

Your ultimate goal is to enable your customers to buy what they want, when and how they want it with the least hassle and cost, yet maximum satisfaction.

Selection of the right delivery channel is highly dependent on the industry, product types and customer behaviours. Regardless, you have to continually identify potential improvements on your current delivery channel in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Dell, for instance, revolutionized the PC industry in the 1980s when it introduced the direct selling model of PCs to its customers. The direct selling model cut out the retail middleman which resulted in a competitively low price for the customers. In addition, such delivery model benefited the customers as they could custom order their PCs and received their orders within a week – a much superior service than other PC makers.

Learning from Dell, here are the areas worth looking at to consider innovating your delivery channels:

  • Can you think of a new delivery channel that is really unique which would revolutionize your respective industry?
  • Can your customers remember and tell others about their experiences in acquiring your products?
  • What are the breadth and depth of your ‘sales extensions’? Who are the parties that help sell and deliver your products and services?
  • How many types of delivery channels do you use currently? And for what purposes?


  • How do you add value to your products and services?

The key measurement of whether or not you are adding value to your products and services is ‘a peace of mind’.

Murad bought a Volvo XC90 which comes with a 5 year warranty last year. In the 6th month, the gearbox of the XC90 was faulty. He was very disappointed. He called Volvo Service Center complaining about the poor quality of the gear box. However, his issue was easily solved. The Volvo Service Center took his XC90 and ordered a new gearbox right away. Since the whole process of repairing took about a couple of weeks, Volvo provided Murad with a replacement car for him to use. Though the replacement car was not an XC90, Murad was happy nevertheless. He got his XC90 repaired at no cost and he could still go around anywhere conveniently.

That was ‘a peace of mind’ for Murad.

Which means that Volvo had done a superb job at adding value to its product.

Focusing on the 4 things described above will help you in determining the specific areas of innovation in relation to enhancing your customer experience.

What type of initiatives have you undertaken to enhance your customer experience?



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